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Thief Of Baghdad / The Thief Of Bagdad

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  Thief Of Baghdad  / The Thief Of Bagdad Review
Tookey's Rating
8 /10
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9.00 /10
Conrad Veidt , Sabu , June Duprez
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Directed by: Ludwig Berger, Michael Powell, Tim Whelan, Zoltan Korda, William Cameron Menzies, Alexander Korda
Written by: Lajos Biro, Miles Malleson

Released: 1940
Origin: GB
Colour: C
Length: 106

A little thief (Sabu) outwits a wicked Grand Vizier (Conrad Veidt).
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Spectacular foray by producer Alexander Korda into the realm of the Arabian Nights; although six directors were used, the film has a remarkable consistency of style. The storyline is episodic and the special effects are primitive by modern standards, but it's entertaining from start to finish. Alexander Korda thought the film flashy and lacking in warmth, but he may just have grown tired of the production difficulties which dogged it (two years in the making, it was shot during the Blitz in England but had to be finished in California).

One of the best aspects is the acting, not always the strongest element in fantasies. Conrad Veidt stole the reviews for his evil Jaffar, but Sabu is charming and June Duprez makes a very attractive princess. The film won Oscars for art direction (Vincent Korda), cinematography (George Perinal) , and special effects (Lawrence Butler and Jack Whitney). Miklos Rosza's outstanding score was also nominated.

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