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  Topper Review
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6 /10
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7.42 /10
Constance Bennett , Cary Grant , Roland Young
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Directed by: Norman V. McLeod
Written by: Jack Jevne, Eric Hatch, Eddie Moran from Thorne Smith's novel The Jovial Ghosts

Released: 1937
Origin: US
Length: 98

High-spirited ghosts (Constance Bennett, Cary Grant) transform the life of a meek and mild bank manager (Roland Young).
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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In a role originally intended for W.C.Fields, Young gives the comedy performance of his life. Just as good in their way are Cary Grant and Constance Bennett (pictured), the spirit world's answer to Nick and Nora Charles (of the Thin Man series). To a Depression-era audience, the style, sophistication and irresponsibility of the couple was terribly attractive; the characters' appeal has diminished, but the actors' comic timing remains intact. This hugely successful film spawned two inferior sequels, a television series, and a made-for-television remake. Elmer Raguse was Oscar-nominated for Best Sound.

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