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7 /10
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8.85 /10
Yves Montand, Jean-Louis Trintignant , Irene Papas
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Directed by: Constantin Costa-Gavras
Written by: Constantin Costa-Gavras, Jorge Semprun from Vassili Vassilikos's novel

Released: 1968
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: France/ Algeria
Colour: C
Length: 125

A magistrate (Jean-Louis Trintignant) investigates the death of a left-wing politician (Yves Montand) in an unnamed Mediterranean county.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Suspense-packed political thriller. Although the target is clearly the Colonels in Greece, the film works today because it might apply to any totalitarian regime. It's talky and simplistic, but well acted and convincing in its paranoia. Director Costa-Gavras went on to make other fine political thrillers including Missing and Music Box, but this is one of his best. It not only won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film, it was even deemed worthy of nomination as Best Film. Francoise Bonnot won an Academy Award for her editing.

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