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Last Days

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  Last Days Review
Tookey's Rating
9 /10
Average Rating
8.25 /10

Directed by: James Moll
Written by:

Released: 1998
Origin: US
Colour: C
Length: 90

Oscar-winning documentary which uses wonderfully articulate, moving reminiscences of five Holocaust survivors to tell the harrowing story of the last days of the Second World War, when the Germans - though losing - stepped up the pace of their Final Solution, and massacred greater numbers of Jews, especially Hungarian Jews, than ever before.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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The first documentary footage from the concentration camps was always devastating. The piles of emaciated bodies, the spectre of people reduced to scarcely more than walking skeletons, still bring tears to the eyes. Much of the most gruesome, shocking footage in this documentary by James Moll (pictured) becomes even more terrible when you identify them with people describing the minutiae behind such horrors. Made by Steven Spielberg's Shoah foundation, the film offers a valuable counterweight to Schindler's List by showing the victims' point of view of crimes that must never be forgotten. Seeing it is a humbling experience which enhances respect for those who suffered.

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