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Last Victory

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  Last Victory Review
Tookey's Rating
4 /10
Average Rating
6.60 /10

Directed by: John Appel
Written by:

Released: 2004
Origin: Netherlands
Colour: C
Length: 89

A lovely little film about the Italian horserace called the Palio, in which horses run round a square in Siena, in search of glory. This is not to be confused with the British sport the Palios, in which journalists circle the Football Association headquarters in Soho Square in search of scandal.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Dutch director John Appel is understandably fascinated by this unique race, dating from the fourteenth century; and though an outsider he does a fine job of showing just how uniquely Italian this event is.

He sees the race from the point of view of Sienaís smallest district, Civetta, where they havenít had a victory for 24 years. This one's stronger on atmosphere than narrative; there might have been some discussion of the raceís alleged cruelty; the pace could have been racier; and I'd like to have seen more of the climactic race. But Iíd recommend this one if you are at all interested in local pride, sporting passion or simply this picturesque part of Tuscany. And donít think for a moment that this is about horses Ė itís very much about humanity.

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