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My Architect: A Son's Journey

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  My Architect: A Son's Journey  Review
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7 /10
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8.00 /10

Directed by: Nathaniel Kahn
Written by:

Released: 2003
Origin: US
Length: 116

Nominated for an Oscar, this is a documentary about a notable architect of the 20th century, Louis I. Kahn (pictured), who died in 1974. He is portrayed through his works and by interviews with the people who knew him best by Leoís illegitimate son, Nathaniel.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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It was made over five years and involved visiting buildings around the world; and at first it seems a sad, even pathetic, journey, with a grown-up son wondering why his father never came to live with his mother and himself.

The conclusion Ė that Kahn Seniorís most loving relationship was with his work, and that buildings were his most treasured children Ė isnít all that surprising; but when the son comes to realise that his fatherís betrayal was (in a real sense) nothing personal, itís a moving moment.

The film works as an expose of how great artists are not always comfortable companions. And the film is one of the best Iíve seen at revealing, often through time-lapse photography, how light and architecture can interact to breathtaking effect. Louis Kahnís capitol of Bangladesh in Dhaka, is an extraordinary architectural masterpiece, and Iíd never heard of it before Ė let alone seen it. A must for all budding architects, then, and a cautionary tale for anybody thinking of marrying one.

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