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Tony Leung (pictured left), Ziyi Zhang (pictured right), Gong Li
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Directed by: Wong Kar-Wai
Written by: Wong Kar-Wai

Released: 2004
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: Hong Kong
Colour: C
Length: 129

A journalist (Tony Leung) returns to Hong Kong from Singapore and writes a science fiction novel while having a series of affairs.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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This rambling, loosely plotted but undeniably beautiful sequel to Wong Kar-Wai’s cult hit, In The Mood for Love, is a mood piece, and the mood is one of regret and hopelessness.

We watch, with perhaps rather more detachment than the director intends, as our hero gradually comes to terms with the fact that he has become an empty husk of a man, unable to feel deeply for other people. Zang Ziyi, gorgeous as ever, is more touching as the prostitute who falls for him, though the tart with a heart is surely one of those cliches that has worn out its welcome.

There isn’t enough plot to fill 129 minutes; the science fiction elements feel grafted on, rather than organic; and any points it has to make have been made well before the end. But it’s worth seeing for Christopher Doyle’s cinematography. Doyle’s the Aussie who shot both Chungking Express and Hero, and this film helps to show why he is currently the most fashionable and widely imitated cameraman around.

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