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  Slither Review
Tookey's Rating
5 /10
Average Rating
6.00 /10
Grant Grant: Michael Rooker, Starla Grant: Elizabeth Banks
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Directed by: James Gunn
Written by: James Gunn

Released: 2006
Origin: US
Colour: C
Length: 95

Moderately entertaining horror spoof.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Slither is a campy horror spoof by James Gunn, who brought us the recent, enjoyably tongue-in-cheek remake of Dawn of the Dead. It can safely be recommended to anyone who liked that, or the British zombie-movie Shawn of the Dead.

The only actor whom you’re likely to recognize is Michael Rooker (pictured, from Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer). He plays Grant Grant, a loutish Texas businessman who’s just about to cheat on his adorable trophy wife (Elizabeth Banks) when he has an unpleasantly close encounter with an extra-terrestrial slug. Once infected, Grant turns into a giant squid with a taste for putrefying flesh. At first, this doesn’t strike the local police as much of a problem.

“We’ll find Grant,” says one. “There ain’t many places he can hide. Looks like a damn squid. Sea World, maybe.”

But then Grant starts turning the local residents into meat-eating zombies with a lethal line in projectile vomiting. Not nice.

Don’t attend this movie expecting subtlety. The language is gross, and the special effects deliberately nauseating. But it did make me laugh a few times, and reminded me pleasantly of two underrated horror movies from 1989: Tremors (in which Kevin Bacon was terrorized by giant sandworms) and Society (in which rich people turned out to be monsters from outer space).

Slither isn’t as witty or sophisticated as either of those, and I kept wishing that it conveyed more in the way of social comment, but as gross-out comic horror it certainly delivers to its youthful target audience.

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