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Look Both Ways

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  Look Both Ways Review
Tookey's Rating
4 /10
Average Rating
6.67 /10
Nick: William McInnes, Meryl: Justine Clarke
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Directed by: Sarah Watt
Written by: Sarah Watt

Released: 2005
Origin: Australia
Colour: C
Length: 120

A surprise hit in its homeland of Australia, this is a morbid little film in which Meryl (Justine Clarke, pictured left) an anxious artist who keeps fantasising about being mugged, run over and eaten by sharks, encounters a depressed news photographer (William McInnes, pictured right) who reckons heís dying of testicular cancer.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Fun and frolics do not ensue, and writer-director Sarah Watt, who is McInnesís wife but insists that the film is not autobiographical, seems most at ease with the lively little animated sequences that reflect her leading characterís paranoia.

This is one of those movies that never quite makes up its mind whether to be a romantic comedy or a deeper drama about relationships. It fails to develop the central love affair and chooses instead to explore other characters, who remain frustratingly underpowered. The result is a movie thatís different from the norm, but fatally undermined by its lack of focus.

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