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  My Winnipeg Review
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3 /10
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7.57 /10
Darcy Fehr, Ann Savage, Amy Stewart
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Directed by: Guy Maddin
Written by: Guy Maddin, George Toles

Released: 2008
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: Canada
Colour: C/BW
Length: 80

This is the all too prolific Guy Maddinís characteristically fey, self-indulgent portrait of his home town Ė and its all-important effects upon himself. As so often with this Canadian auteurís work Ė and Iím in the tragic position of having sacrificed much too much of my own life to his art - itís a weird mixture of sly, self-deprecating humour, laborious and badly-acted hommages to silent cinema, and generalised whingeing. Even at 80 minutes, its lack of structure makes it extremely long-winded.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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As so often with socialist film-makers nowadays, itís full of indignant ranting about the destruction of working-class traditions, and its mood Ė if not its politics - is paradoxically ultra-conservative.

Maddin indulges in hilariously hamfisted recreations of crises in his own family life, with special emphasis on the awfulness of his mother (impersonated by elderly film noir diva Ann Savage, pictured). Whether this is of the slightest consequence to anyone except him remains highly dubious.

This is a not particularly distinguished example of ďpersonalĒ film-making. Critics routinely praise this kind of self-absorbed maundering above films which actually have some pretensions to entertaining an audience and saying something important. Iím not sure why.

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