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  Adventurers Review
Tookey's Rating
1 /10
Average Rating
1.75 /10
Bekim Fehmiu , Charles Aznavour , Alan Badel
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Directed by: Lewis Gilbert
Written by: Michael Hastings, Lewis Gilbert from Harold Robbins's novel

Released: 1970
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: US
Colour: C
Length: 171

Playboy (Bekim Fehmiu) tries to overthrow South American dictator (Alan Badel), finds love (Candice Bergen) but loses her when she turns lesbian.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Astonishingly squalid movie, wretchedly acted and directed from a stupid script.


Vulgar, witless and dull... would soil the inside of a garbage can.

(Rex Reed)

A classic monument to bad taste... profligate and squandered production opulence; inferior, imitative and curiously old-hat direction; banal, ludicrous dialog; sub-standard, lifeless and embarrassing acting; cornball music; indulgent, gratuitous and boring violence; and luridly non-erotic sex.


On the screen The Adventurers turns out to be an even duller bunch of meatballs than they were in Harold Robbins' bestselling novel... What really hurts is that the garish, careening behavior of these parasites, is accorded stunningly beautiful color photography by Claude Renoir... A little movie in a king-sized package, and so much baloney.

(Howard Thompson, New York Times)

A $10 million monument to all the folly of the old, vanished Hollywood... Even De Mille at his worst gave a certain human credibility to his characters and situations; this film does not.

(David Robinson, Financial Times)

Lovers of rotten movies and close-up violence can revel in it.

(Judith Crist)

A three-hour slog through every imaginable cliche of writing and direction . in addition to an abundance of flaccid sex and violence, it offers drugs, sadism, orchids, fireworks, orgies, lesbianism, a miscarriage, a private torture chamber, and the hell of several fashion shows with loud pop music accompaniment. This might well be described as the film with everything; trouble is, it is difficult to imagine anybody wanting any of it.

(Monthly Film Bulletin)

Surely no sane adult could take part in such an absurd enterprise and declaim such outrageously improbably dialogue without curling up in helpless mirth?

(Ian Christie, Daily Express)

Has the awful fascination of the utterly vulgar... Good actors like Borgnine and de Havilland approach the whole thing as if they would prefer to handle it with tongs.

(Daily Sketch)

The film equivalent of a bad long read.

(David Shipman, The Good Film and Video Guide, 1986)

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