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Keith Lemon: The Film

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  Keith Lemon: The Film Review
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1 /10
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1.00 /10
Leigh Francis , Kelly Brook, Laura Aikman
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Directed by: Paul Angunawela
Written by: Paul Angunawela, Leigh Francis

Released: 2012
Origin: UK
Length: 82

The Film: A Lemon.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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What’s the worst British comedy ever? My own list would be topped by Sex Lives of the Potato Men, Guest House Paradiso and Lesbian Vampire Killers, but a brave new contender is Keith Lemon: The Film.

Optimistically calculated to cash in on the success last year of The Inbetweeners Movie, this is a spin-off of an ITV2 series in which “comedian” Leigh Francis plays Mr Lemon, a Yorkshire entrepreneur who sees himself as the new Richard Branson. Lemon’s orange tan, long blond hair and tendency to ogle buxom beauties and celebrities are, in fact, more redolent of Peter Stringfellow. His desire to discuss bodily functions and shriek evokes unpleasant memories of Dr Gillian McKeith.

Nothing funny happens, and a good deal that is repulsive does, none of it describable in a family newspaper. Among the glitterati involved are Peter Andre, Fearne Cotton and Jedward. In some inner circle of Hell, this movie will be forever playing.

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