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  Knot Review
Tookey's Rating
1 /10
Average Rating
2.50 /10
Noel Clarke, Mena Suvari, Matthew McNulty
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Directed by: Jesse Lawrence
Written by: Geoff Carino, Noel Clarke, Davie Fairbanks

Released: 2012
Origin: UK
Colour: C
Length: 92

Inept, despicable and depressing.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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The Knot is a clueless British attempt to cash in on the success of Bridesmaids and The Hangover. Unfortunately, it’s been put together by film-makers with no noticeable sense of humour. Chief Culprits include first-time director Jesse Lawrence and ubiquitous co-writer-star Noel Clarke (pictured), who continues his downward spiral into showbiz Hades. Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first call prolific.

All the film-makers do is show us things that raised a laugh in other movies – a bride suffering an attack of diarrhoea in public, lads vomiting and swallowing excrement, a little girl emitting inappropriate obscenities. The one original touch is a weirdly unfunny running “gag” that suggests the most a modern girl can hope for in a man is that he doesn’t urinate on the lavatory seat.

Even if one leaves aside issues of taste, the timing is off, and the personalities of the lads and ladettes are as unattractive as the lighting.

American guest actress Mena Suvari begs at one point “Will you get your mind out of the gutter, please?” All around me, I noticed, heads nodding in weary agreement. The Knot doesn’t raise a single smile, let alone a laugh.

This is the least funny wedding comedy since The Wedding Tackle polluted the screen in 1999, and the most dispiriting study of male-female relationships since the legendary Sex Lives of the Potato Men.

As the 300,000 Youtube hits on its trailer suggest, it will find an audience. As a cultural sign of our times, it’s among the most depressing experiences I have ever had in a cinema.

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