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Here Comes The Boom

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  Here Comes The Boom Review
Tookey's Rating
3 /10
Average Rating
7.33 /10
Kevin James, Salma Hayek, Henry Winkler
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Directed by: Frank Coraci
Written by: Kevin James, Allan Loeb, Rock Reuben

Released: 2012
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: US
Colour: C
Length: 105

More of a bust, really.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Here Comes The Boom is a weird but far from unwatchable mixture of two genres: the inspirational teacher movie (notable examples of which include Mr Holland’s Opus and School of Rock) and fight film. You could say it’s School of Rocky.

Kevin James (pictured) plays a biology teacher who takes up cage-fighting in order to save his school’s music department, run by a weary but still feisty Henry Winkler.

Our hero also has his eye on a pretty fellow-teacher (Salma Hayek), who admires him for standing up to their stiff, bureaucratic headmaster (Greg Germann).

The storyline is pure Hollywood formula, and when our flabby hero starts to win fights against professional opponents, any credibility flies straight out of the classroom window.

The film plays as very nearly a parody of the sporting underdog movie, and it comes as a shock to realise we’re actually meant to take it seriously.

Some of the vomiting and bottom gags are so crude that they might have been written for the film’s executive producer, Adam Sandler.

Worse, the picture peddles misinformation all too horribly familiar from many other Sandler films. The way to a woman’s heart is to sexually harass her. The way to prove your manhood is to beat people up. That sort of thing.

The film rises above idiocy thanks to a good-hearted performance by James – by some margin his least obnoxious yet – and competent direction by Frank Coraci, whose biggest hit will probably always be The Wedding Singer.

I went in with rock-bottom expectations and came out pleasantly surprised. It isn’t completely awful.

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