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West of Memphis

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  West of Memphis Review
Tookey's Rating
9 /10
Average Rating
7.75 /10

Directed by: Amy Berg
Written by:

Released: 2012
Origin: US
Colour: C
Length: 147

An astounding true story of injustice visited on three innocent American teenagers, incarcerated for the satanic torture and murder of three young boys in Arkansas.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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As the film shows, the teenagers served 17 years each for a crime they did not commit, and one narrowly avoided execution. And yet, as the real story has emerged, the American system of justice has resolutely set its face against punishing the true culprit.

A marvellous achievement of investigative journalism and first-rate story-telling, Amy Berg’s film is gripping from first to last, and is understandably angry about the system it uncovers.

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