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Bula Quo!

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  Bula Quo! Review
Tookey's Rating
1 /10
Average Rating
2.71 /10
Francis Rossi , Rick Parfitt , Jon Lovitz
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Directed by: Stuart St Paul
Written by: Jean Heard, Stuart St Paul

Released: 2013
Origin: UK
Colour: C
Length: 90

Status woe.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Excruciatingly written, directed and performed, this is the most amateurish movie ever to be built around pop stars and yes, I do remember Spice World and the S Club 7 movie Seeing Double.

The stars in question are Status Quos Francis Rossi (pictured left) and Rick Parfitt (right), who though likeable old codgers - are to acting what Keith Richards is to retirement-home living.

A vanity project? Its an insanity project. Tragically unhip from start to finish, it should be on an NHS list for hipness replacement. It will shortly be flopping all over the world.

Rossi and Parfitt witness a crime and are chased around Fiji by heavies led by Jon Lovitz, bafflingly intent on harvesting the ancients of Status Quo for their body parts. Im sure they have nice, fresh organs, snarls Lovitz, which suggests hes never seen them in concert.

The chases are the least exciting ever committed to celluloid, all the more laughable as the mobility issues of the leading actors slow everything down to a waddle. Rick whimpers at one point I dont want to die in Fiji! Too late, mate.

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