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Blackboard Jungle

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  Blackboard Jungle Review
Tookey's Rating
4 /10
Average Rating
6.80 /10
Glenn Ford, Sidney Poitier , Vic Morrow
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Directed by: Richard Brooks
Written by: Richard Brooks from Evan Hunter's novel

Released: 1955
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: US
Colour: BW
Length: 101

A teacher (Glenn Ford, pictured right with Vic Morrow left) tries to educate unruly kids in a New York school.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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A cause de celebre in 1955, when US ambassador Clare Booth Luce protested at its inclusion in the Venice Film Festival, thus ensuring the film's success. The movie which shocked audiences then looks laughably tame today. Brooks's script is preachy. The happy ending grafted on to Evan Hunter's story looks awfully unconvincing. Nor does it help that most of the kids look much too old to be at school (one, Sidney Poitier, was 31 when he made the movie!). It won notoriety as the first Hollywood movie to include rock music (Bill Haley sings Rock Around The Clock over the opening credits.) Cinematographer Russell Harlon won an Oscar nomination, as did Editor Ferris Webster and the team responsible for Art Direction.

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