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2 /10
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4.60 /10
James Woods, Sean Young, Steven Hill
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Directed by: Harold Becker
Written by: Darryl Ponicsan, from Benjamin Stein's novel Ludes

Released: 1988
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: US
Colour: C
Length: 95

A go-getting husband and wife (James Woods, Sean Young, pictured centre and right) misinterpret the message that things go better with coke.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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A melodramatic tract about the dangers of living in Los Angeles and taking all sorts of drug, from cocaine to quaaludes. After a promising start, the film itself rapidly loses touch with reality, thanks to holes in the plot, quaaludicrous dialogue, and the fact that both leading characters are played as barking mad from the outset. It ends up as an unintentionally hilarious 90s equivalent of such dire cinematic warnings as Reefer Madness, and is surely destined to be a high-camp classic among habitual drug-users. Several of the contemporary critics and almost all the film guides treat the movie with more respect than it deserves: it lay on the shelf for two years before it was deemed releasable, and the Fatal Attraction-style obsession which Woods later claimed Young developed for him offscreen might have made a more interesting film.

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