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Airport 77 / Airport III

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  Airport  77  / Airport  III Review
Tookey's Rating
4 /10
Average Rating
3.25 /10
Jack Lemmon, Lee Grant , Brenda Vaccaro
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Directed by: Jerry Jameson
Written by: Michael Scheff, David Spector

Released: 1977
Origin: US
Length: 113


Hijacked plane crashes into oil-rig and settles on underwater sandbank.

Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Not as funny as its predecessor, nor as bad as its sequel.
"The story's formula banality is credible most of the time and there's some good actual US Navy search and rescue procedure interjected in the plot."
"Hokey, but well managed."
"Neither as riveting as it should be, nor as much fun as its absurd plotline would suggest."
(Verina Glaessner, MFB)
"Lee Grant's hilariously over-the-top performance is permanent evidence of the spontaneous laughter that is produced when the full weight and training of Method acting is brought to bear on a script that would hardly pass muster as a made-for-cable-TV movie."
(Margulies & Rebello)

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