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Damn Yankees / What Lola Wants

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  Damn Yankees  / What Lola Wants Review
Tookey's Rating
5 /10
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6.64 /10
Gwen Verdon , Tab Hunter, Ray Walston
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Directed by: George Abbott, Stanley Donen
Written by: George Abbott, from Douglas Wallop's novel

Released: 1958
Origin: US
Length: 110

A middle-aged man (Robert Shafer) sells his soul to the devil (Ray Walston) in order to become a 22 year-old professional baseball player (Tab Hunter, pictured left).
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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A big, brassy score with numbers by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross and a rare movie appearance by Broadway star Gwen Verdon (pictured right, as a 172 year-old witch with undiminished sex appeal) have helped to give this film a better reputation than it deserves.

The story (based on the Faust legend) is rather boring, the comedy is mostly unfunny, and Tab Hunter isn't noticeably gifted at either acting or singing.

The talented little chap with whom Verdon dances in "Who's Got The Pain" is her husband and the film's choreographer, Bob Fosse.

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