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Day Of Wrath / Vreden's Dag

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  Day Of Wrath  / Vreden's Dag Review
Tookey's Rating
8 /10
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8.33 /10
Thorkild Roose, Anna Svierkier, Lisbeth Movin
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Directed by: Carl Dreyer
Written by: Carl Dreyer, Poul Knudsen, Mogeens Skot-Hansen from Hans Wiers Jensen's play Anne Pedersdotter

Released: 1943
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: Denmark
Length: 105


Pastor (Thorkild Roose) cursed by a dying witch (Anna Svierkier) discovers that his wife (Lisbeth Movin) has been committing adultery with a younger man (Preben Lerdoff Rye).

Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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A bright and breezy comedy... Only joking. This is a sombre, harrowing and at times horrific melodrama - ostensibly about 17th century superstition and nastiness, but really about man's infinite capacity for evil and cruelty. It can also, more parochially, be seen as an allegory about the German occupation of Denmark. Though extremely slow, the piece is undeniably powerful and beautifully photographed: one of the cinema's dark masterpieces. Unsurprisingly, audiences have never flocked to see it.

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