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Duck Soup

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  Duck Soup Review
Tookey's Rating
8 /10
Average Rating
9.43 /10
Groucho Marx , Chico Marx , Harpo Marx
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Directed by: Leo McCarey
Written by: Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby, Arthur Sheekman, Nat Perrin

Released: 1933
Origin: US
Colour: BW
Length: 72

President of a Ruritanian State (Groucho Marx, pictured centre) goes to war because he's been called an upstart and he's paid a month's advance rent on a battlefield.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Contemporary critics took Duck Soup to task for its satirical intent, which at this remove is virtually invisible to the naked eye. A penetrating satire on diplomacy and war, Duck Soup ain't; but posterity has recognized this as the fastest, most anarchic and probably the funniest of all the Marx Brothers' movies - without the romantic interludes which slowed down (but increased the commercial success of) the brothers' later movies. The mirror sequence remains hilarious, as do the exchanges between Groucho and Margaret Dumont (pictured right). A comedy classic.

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