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Fort Apache

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  Fort Apache Review
Tookey's Rating
6 /10
Average Rating
7.23 /10
Henry Fonda , John Wayne , Shirley Temple
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Directed by: John Ford
Written by: Frank S. Nugent from James Warner Bellah's story Massacre

Released: 1948
Origin: US
Colour: BW
Length: 127


An inflexible military man (Henry Fonda) clashes with wiser heads (John Wayne, mostly) on how to deal with Indians.

Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Vintage John Ford western, with the usual ingredients: broad comedy, spectacular scenery, pioneering sentiment. Henry Fonda stars as a thinly disguised General Custer, John Wayne as his more level-headed junior officer. Shirley Temple is badly miscast as the love interest. This is the first of Ford's celebrated "cavalry trilogy", the other parts being She Wore A Yellow Ribbon and Rio Grande.

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