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Freedom For Us / A Nous La Liberte

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  Freedom For Us  / A Nous La Liberte Review
Tookey's Rating
5 /10
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8.67 /10
Raymond Cordy, Henri Marchand, Rolla France
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Directed by: Rene Clair
Written by: Rene Clair

Released: 1931
Origin: France
Length: 95

Factory owner (Raymond Cordy) escapes blackmail because of his criminal past, by taking up life as a vagabond.

Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Hailed as a masterpiece in its day, for the fluidity and elegance of Georges Perinal's camerawork, Lazare Meerson's imaginative sets and Georges Auric's impressive score (one of the earliest to be written specifically for the cinema). Nowadays, it does not raise as many laughs and is valued mainly as a precursor of Chaplin's Modern Times(1936), which did much the same thing better. Clair's left-wing satire suffers from a script which becomes increasingly obvious and didactic.

"I was close to the extreme left... I wanted to attack the Machine, which led men into starvation instead of adding to their happiness."
(Rene Clair)

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