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Hail The Conquering Hero

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  Hail The Conquering Hero Review
Tookey's Rating
6 /10
Average Rating
8.54 /10
Eddie Bracken , Ella Raines, Bill Edwards
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Directed by: Preston Sturges
Written by: Preston Sturges

Released: 1944
Origin: US
Length: 101


A smalltown boy (Eddie Bracken) goes home during wartime and is lauded as a military hero; he is afraid to tell his family that the marines turned him down because of chronic hay fever.

Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Preston Sturges's talented repertory company of character actors is seen to good effect in this satirical comedy which debunked patriotic humbug, military pretensions, and the American propensity for hero-worship. It would have been daring at any time, but was especially courageous during the war. It's fast-paced and full of snappy dialogue, but the plot is over-contrived; there's something unpleasantly sneering about Sturges's attitude toward the gullible townsfolk; and the targets have inevitably dated.

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