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I Married A Witch

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  I Married A Witch Review
Tookey's Rating
5 /10
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6.60 /10
Fredric March, Veronica Lake, Robert Benchley
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Directed by: Rene Clair
Written by: Robert Pirosh, Marc Connelly , from the novel The Passionate Witch by Thorne Smith and Norman Matson

Released: 1942
Origin: US
Colour: BW
Length: 82

The descendant (Fredric March) of a witch-burning Puritan of the 17th century finds his own life disrupted by the arrival of a beautiful witch (Veronica Lake, pictured).
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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A famous comedy, and one which inspired the longrunning TV sitcom, Bewitched. Veronica Lake is extremely attractive, and the idea is fun; but the script is disappointingly tame, and the direction more stolid than Rene Clair's high reputation might lead you to expect. Roy Webb's music was Oscar-nominated.

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