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Jupiter's Darling

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  Jupiter's Darling Review
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5 /10
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5.00 /10
Esther Williams, Howard Keel, George Sanders
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Directed by: George Sidney
Written by: Dorothy Kingsley, from Robert E. Sherwood's The Road To Rome

Released: 1954
Origin: US
Length: 96


Hannibal (Howard Keel) falls in love with the Roman dictator's fiancee (Esther Williams, pictured in Hollywood’s idea of a Roman swimsuit).

Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Esther Williams swims, Howard Keel sings, in this amiably elephantine musical about Hannibal's sack of Rome. Understandably a flop at the box office (the score is pretty terrible, and the story little better), the movie contains many endearingly eccentric moments. The scene where Marge and Gower Champion prance with pachyderms is some kind of weird classic, as is Esther's kitsch underwater ballet. George Sanders appears to have his tongue in both cheeks as the hen-pecked dictator. Has to be seen to be disbelieved.
"If Jupiter's Darling had been my first picture, there wouldn't have been a second."
(Esther Williams)

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