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Kickboxer / Kick Boxer

  Kickboxer  / Kick Boxer Review
Tookey's Rating
2 /10
Average Rating
3.56 /10
Jean-Claude Van Damme , Dennis Alexio, Dennis Chan
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Directed by: Mark DiSalle, David Worth
Written by: Glenn Bruce (story by Mark DiSalle, Jean Claude Van Damme)

Released: 1989
Origin: US
Length: 103


Kickboxer with Belgian accent (Jean-Claude Van Damme) avenges American brother's defeat in ring at hands of villainous Thai.

Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Itís hard to know what is most sickening: the brutality, the racism or the sentimentality. Enjoyable as a treasure trove of martial arts cliches, this is a trash collector's item.
"Macho nonsense full of cliche characters and risible dialog. There is no denying, though, that the fight scenes - choreographed by Van Damme - are well handled."
ďA laughably stupid film, but certainly an accomplished little piece of action exploitation.Ē
(Kim Newman, Film Review)
"[Van Damme's] character is a sensitive kind of guy who likes children, flowers, and little white bunnies; on occasion he cries, which probably makes it all right for him to ram his opponent's teeth down his windpipe and slice through his face with cut glass... [the film] affords considerable amusement, not much of it intentional, which prevents it from being totally objectionable."
(Sheila Johnston, Independent)
"Mr Van Damme is a sensational discovery, combining the balletic grace of Mikhail Baryshnikov with the acting ability of a turnip."
(Christopher Tookey, Sunday Telegraph)
"The usual limb-flailing Oriental potted philosophy that has them queuing round the block at the late-night Gaumont. Need I say more? Okay - it stinks."
(Sue Heal, Today)
"Elder brother Eric built like a cross between an Oxo cube and a piledriver, gets his back broken... [His] problems are as nothing to those of the script, however, which is dead from the neck up."
(Hugo Davenport, Daily Telegraph)
"Thailand and its people simply serve as a beautiful and submissive backdrop to the offensive racist nonsense."
(Mike Naughton, Morning Star)
"Don't see it for psychological complexity, social comment, acting, plot or humour; go, if you must, just for kicks."
(Tom Charity, Time Out)
"Violent stuff, but those who like this sort of thing probably won't mind the quality of the acting or the plot."
"The Karate Kid for sadistic adults... completely unconvincing."

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