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  Killers Review
Tookey's Rating
7 /10
Average Rating
8.90 /10
Burt Lancaster , Edmond O'Brien, Ava Gardner
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Directed by: Robert Siodmak
Written by: Anthony Veiller (AN) (and John Huston, uncredited) from Ernest Hemingway's story

Released: 1946
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: US
Length: 105


A boxer (Burt Lancaster, pictured centre) waits to be assassinated in a small American town.

Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Tough, critically acclaimed thriller, with plenty of tension and suspense (the first time you see it, at least). It's stylish, if superficial, and Burt Lancaster, Edmond O'Brien and Ava Gardner (as the obligatory femme fatale) give solid performances. Miklos Rozsa's Oscar-nominated score later became famous through the Dragnet television series.Arthur Hilton's editing was also nominated. Remade in 1964.

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