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Lacombe, Lucien

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  Lacombe, Lucien   Review
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6 /10
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8.29 /10
Pierre Blaise, Aurore Clement, Holger Lowenadier
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Directed by: Louis Malle
Written by: Louis Malle, Patrick Modiano

Released: 1974
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: France/ Italy/ West Germany
Colour: C
Length: 14


Turned down by the French Resistance, a young peasant (Pierre Blaise) joins the Gestapo instead.

Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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A rarity for its period - a French film which acknowledges the existence of collaboration with the Nazis during World War II. It aroused some anger in its homeland, and Malle went to America as a result. Audiences tend to get the point very early on - about how easy it is to drift unthinkingly towards evil - and the length (not to mention the blank central character) becomes wearisome. It won a BAFTA Award as Best Film of the Year.

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