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Arizona Dream

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  Arizona Dream Review
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1 /10
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4.00 /10
Axel ............... Johnny Depp, Leo Sweetie ........ Jerry Lewis, Elaine ............. Faye Dunaway
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Directed by: Emir Kusturica
Written by: David Atkins

Released: 1992
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: France/ Yugoslavia
Colour: C
Length: 142

A young fish-fancier (Johnny Depp) falls for a predatory, middle-aged, aeronautics-obsessed widow (Faye Dunaway) and her suicidal, accordionist, turtle-loving daughter (Lili Taylor). Meanwhile, his car-salesman uncle (Jerry Lewis) and best friend (Victor Gallo), who wants to be Robert De Niro, try to lure him into a career selling cars.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Serb director Emir Kusturica's self-indulgent shambles was his first, and hopefully last, attempt at an English-language comedy. Despite the odd memorably surreal image, this tale of American dreamers is not funny, makes no sense and seems to ramble incoherently in circles for several days. Sitting through the whole two hours 15 minutes is an odd, never-to-be-forgotten experience - a bit, I imagine, like being trapped for forty days and nights in the Alaskan wilderness with only John Redwood for company, as he tells you his thousand best "knock knock" jokes in Esperanto, pausing only to hit you about the head with a halibut.

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