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Nosferatu - Eine Symphonie Des Grauens / Nosferatu

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  Nosferatu - Eine Symphonie Des Grauens  / Nosferatu Review
Tookey's Rating
6 /10
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8.62 /10
Max Schreck , Gustav Von Wangenheim, Greta Schroder
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Directed by: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau
Written by: Henrik Galeen

Released: 1921
Origin: Germany
Colour: BW
Length: 72

A Transylvanian vampire named Orlok (Max Schreck, pictured) terrorizes Bremen.

Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Extremely creepy, oppressive horror silent, thanks to Max Schreckís amazingly grotesque central performance and Murnauís disturbing direction. The story is a thinly disguised version of Bram Stokerís Dracula, with Bremen standing in for Whitby. Stokerís widow sued successfully to have the film withdrawn from distribution. It is much more cinematic and scary than the 1931 film which Universal eventually made of the novel. There was a sound and colour remake of Nosferatu in 1979, starring Klaus Kinski: much too slow, and not in the least frightening.

Shadow of the Vampire (2000) starred Willem Dafoe as Schreck and built an entire film around the hypothesis that Nosferatu is not really fiction at all, but an insight into the working methods of a real vampire. Dafoe played Max Schreck not as a professional actor but as a real-life blood-sucker. This, needless to say, is not meant as a serious proposition.

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