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  Oliver!  Review
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8 /10
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8.43 /10
Ron Moody , Shani Wallis, Oliver Reed
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Directed by: Carol Reed
Written by: Vernon Harris from Lionel Bart's Musical, adapted from Charles Dickens's novel Oliver Twist

Released: 1968
Origin: GB
Length: 153


In Victorian London, an orphan boy (Mark Lester, pictured right) falls in with a gang of junior thieves, including the Artful Dodger (Jack Wild, pictured left).

Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Ron Moody is a memorable Fagin; and the songs are more rousing, melodic and witty than Bart's detractors are prepared to admit. There's plenty to admire in this film, which is good family entertainment and won six Oscars - three of them for choreography (Onna White), musical direction (John Green) and sound (Shepperton Studio Sound Department). Oswald Morris's cinematography, Phyllis Dalton's costumes and Ralph Kemplen's editing were also nominated. The problem is that it's all more impressive if you haven't read Dickens's book, which works on a much more profound, dark level of social observation.

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