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Return Of The Musketeers

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  Return Of The Musketeers Review
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1 /10
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3.20 /10
Michael York, Oliver Reed, Frank Finley
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Directed by: Richard Lester
Written by: George MacDonald Fraser from the novel Vingt Ans Apres by Alexandre Dumas

Released: 1989
Origin: GB/ France/ Spain
Colour: C
Length: 101

Wicked lady (Kim Cattrall) seeks vengeance on Musketeers responsible for her mother's execution.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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George MacDonald Fraser unwisely admits responsibility for a screenplay where a voice-over has to be inserted every few minutes to explain what it is we've just been watching. The unimaginative slapstick routines leave little room for characterisation; and I for one sympathised more with the tasty villainness than the yobbish heroes. As Oliver Cromwell, Alan Howard gives the most lacklustre performance of his career: too low-key to be entertainingly bad, too under-energised to be any good.

The only bright spot is the photography of Bernard Lutic, who shot many of Eric Rohmer's movies. Richard Lester's frenetic direction is proof that tons of historical detail can not guarantee an ounce of period atmosphere. And the sound quality is a disgrace.


Kim Cattrall, whose awkwardness with a sword is equalled only by her lack of facility with dialogue.

(Kim Newman, Film Review)

A lacklustre affair of four middle-aged failures attempting to redeem themselves.

(Halliwell's Film Guide, 2004)

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