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Rome Adventure / Lovers Must Learn

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  Rome Adventure / Lovers Must Learn Review
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5 /10
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4.50 /10
Suzanne Pleshette, Rossano Brazzi, Troy Donahue
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Directed by: Delmer Daves
Written by: Delmer Daves

Released: 1962
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: US
Colour: C
Length: 119

American librarian (Suzanne Pleshette, pictured left) visits Rome to find love and is torn between agaeing roue (Rossano Brazzi) and young architect (Troy Donahue, pictured right).
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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This would have been just a routine travelogue with soap opera characters, were it not for Delmer Daves's dialogue, which is at times not only lame, but staggering. Angie Dickinson gets most of the classic lines, as Donahue's mistress, but Troy has a few of his own.
(Historical note: Donahue and Pleshette married in real life, two years later.)

Angie Dickinson: "I wish you hadn't come. I hate good-byes. Don't try to understand me. No man ever has, no man ever will. Got a cigarette? Remember your first nickname for me, 'Frigid Bridget'? You said if I sat on an iceberg, it wouldn't melt. It was just as true then as it is now. I'm no good for you. I was never any good. You're lucky to get rid of me. Goodbye."

Donahue: "We'll never meet again?"

Dickinson: "There's never any never. Kiss me."

Donahue to Suzanne Pleshette: "Forgive me for being profound, but it's good to be alive."

Donahue to Pleshette: "Now I know how Shakespeare felt when he said 'Alone at last'."


If you can bear the utter dullness of Mr. Donohue, if you can listen to some nasty double-meaning love dialogue and watch some extensive 'necking' and some cheaply suggestive undressing scenes, then you may enjoy the sightseeing... But don't stay to the end. It is awful... the most embarrassing tommyrot you ever saw.

(Bosley Crowther, New York Times)

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