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Secret Adventures Of Tom Thumb

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  Secret Adventures Of Tom Thumb Review
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4 /10
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4.00 /10
Nick Upton, Deborah Collar, Frank Passingham
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Directed by: Dave Borthwick
Written by: Dave Borthwick

Released: 1993
Origin: GB
Colour: C
Length: 61

Emphatically not for children, Dave Borthwick’s grim fairy-tale is a bizarre, ugly story - reminiscent of David Lynch’s earliest, short films - which updates the original story to a setting which is a confusing mixture of sci-fi future, mediaeval past and seedy present.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Though only an hour long, the longueuers are such that I did find myself wondering why Tom Thumb had no ears, and bore such an uncanny resemblance to Tory politician John Biffen. The puppet animation (mixed in with live action) shows that there’s no shortage of technical ingenuity amongst British animators. The elements which are just as obviously missing are a desire to involve the audience, and narrative skills.

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