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Shining Through

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  Shining Through Review
Tookey's Rating
1 /10
Average Rating
3.58 /10
Michael Douglas , Melanie Griffith , Liam Neeson
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Directed by: David Seltzer
Written by: David Seltzer, Laurie Frank from Susan Isaacs's novel

Released: 1992
Genre: SO BAD
Origin: US
Colour: C
Length: 127

A secretary (Melanie Griffith, pictured left) travels to Nazi Germany as a spy, where she attempts to discover the secrets of Hitler's rocket prograamme and rescue three of her Jewish relatives.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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A mesmerisingly idiotic spy thriller set in modern Hollywood's idea of World War II. The screenplay contains such memorable lines as “Mein Gott, you’ve got guts”. Melanie Griffith's voice-over throughout is a masterpiece of inanity, as she keeps us abreast of her "thoughts". Sample: “By late October of ‘41 London was reeling under a hailstorm of German bombs called the Blitz, and life in America was energised with the knowledge of what was inevitable”. Pardon? She is also impressively athletic, making her escape eventually by running from Potsdam to Berlin, a journey of 15 miles, in a full-length white ballgown.

Michael Douglas (pictured right) raises almost as many unintended chortles, playing her rescuer. Particularly delectable is the scene where Douglas impersonates a mute: for reasons best known to themselves, the film-makers decided that a mute also loses the use of his ears.

More great lines... (1) Spy Griffith, temporarily letting the concentration camps slip her mind, to WWII Spy Douglas: "What's a war for if not to hold on to what we love?" (2) Interviewer to elderly Melanie Griffith: "Tell me about the war. When did you first become interested in it?" (3) Griffith's voice-over: "In one leap I landed in the upstairs chambers of the German elite." (4) Griffith's voice-over: "I knew it was a Friday we said goodbye because the next day was Saturday."

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