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  Sundowners  Review
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8 /10
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8.00 /10
Deborah Kerr , Robert Mitchum , Peter Ustinov
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Directed by: Fred Zinnermann
Written by: Isobel Lennart from Jon Cleary's novel

Released: 1960
Origin: GB/Australia
Colour: C
Length: 133

In the 1920s, a poor man (Robert Mitchum) and his family (Deborah Kerr, Michael Anderson Jr) lead more than 1000 sheep overland to Western Australia, with the idea of making enough money to settle down.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Fred Zinneman's picturesque yarn may be set in Australia, but it's basically a big, family western about pioneering folk. Though very long and sprawling, it's exciting, full of human interest, and exceptionally well acted by Mitchum and Kerr. The supporting actors (especially Peter Ousting, Glynis Johns and Chips Rafferty) are no less memorable.

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