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Forbidden Planet

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  Forbidden Planet Review
Tookey's Rating
6 /10
Average Rating
7.71 /10
Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis , Leslie Nielsen
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Directed by: Fred McLeod Wilcox
Written by: Cyril Hume

Released: 1956
Origin: US
Length: 98


Commander Adams (Leslie Nielsen) and his crew land on a planet under the control of a mysterious inventor Morbius (Walter Pidgeon) and his nubile daughter Alta (Anne Francis).

Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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This sci-fi version of The Tempest is entertaining, and the art direction, cinematography and special effects are impressive. Its Shakespearean origins and Freudian subtext have endeared it to intellectuals and cultists. However, the script is illogical and often fatuous, while a lot of the acting is either dull or atrocious. Robby the Robot - the film’s equivalent of Caliban - may be one of the more endearing non-human characters in science fiction, but he is far too peripheral to the plot (Robby went on to star in his own film, The Invisible Boy , in 1957). Some contemporary critics were sufficiently confused by it to hail it as a comedy, and a few have (Ithink wrongly) elevated it into the pantheon of all-time-great science-fiction films.

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