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Henry V

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  Henry V   Review
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9 /10
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9.53 /10
Laurence Olivier , Robert Newton , Leslie Banks
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Directed by: Laurence Olivier (AAW - special award)
Written by: Laurence Olivier, Alan Dent from William Shakespeare's play

Released: 1944
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: GB
Length: 137


An English Prince (Laurence Olivier, pictured) grows into a warlike King.

Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Unashamed, war-mongering propaganda, and one of the greatest examples of filmed Shakespeare. The visual style is deliberately heightened and unrealistic to match the poetic intensity of the speech, and Olivier's daring conception (this was his first attempt at directing) is wonderfully served by William Walton's Oscar-nominated music. The Battle of Agincourt is a thrilling action-scene, and Olivier's Crispin Day speech beforehand must be among the most stirring, unforgettable orations ever. Robert Krasker was responsible for the photography, and the Oscar-nominated art direction is by Paul Sheriff and Carmen Dillon.

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