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8 /10
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8.00 /10
Deborah Kerr , Robert Mitchum , Peter Ustinov
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Directed by: Fred Zinnermann
Written by: Isobel Lennart from Jon Cleary's novel

Released: 1960
Origin: GB/Australia
Colour: C
Length: 133

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Fine as the scenario is, it is Zinnemann's poetic glances into the souls of his characters, little hints of deep longings, hidden despairs, indomitable spirit that make the picture the achievement it


Unquestionably, its major delight is Deborah Kerr's virtuoso performance.

(Clancy Sigal, Daily Express)

Full of bits of life, real bits... It is this casualness which counteracts the sentimentality, which gives the film its quality. This and the acting.

(Derek Monsey, Sunday Express)

It makes me want to pack a tent and few billy-cans into an old horse-drawn van and set off at once for the wide open spaces... Zinnemann has proved once and for all with this big, colourful, fresh-air film that you can have plenty of excitement and human interest without indulging in violence, bloodshed and neurosis.

(Nina Hibbin, Daily Worker)

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