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Tale Of The Fox / Le Roman De Renard / The Story Of The Fox

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  Tale Of The Fox / Le Roman De Renard / The Story Of The Fox Review
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7 /10
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8.00 /10
Claude Dauphin .... Monkey (voice) , Romain Bouquet .... Fox (voice)
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Directed by: Wladyslaw Starewicz, Irene Starewicz
Written by: Jean Nohain, Antoinette Nordmann, Roger Richebe, Irene Starewicz , from the story by Wolfgang Goethe

Released: 1932
Origin: Poland/ France
Colour: BW
Length: 65

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Oozes care, rivalling anything done in animation since. it reminds you that all the digital technology and computer wizardry in the world cannot beat a solitary injection of passion and humanity.

(Stephen Amidon, Financial Times)

A virtuoso piece of puppet animation.

(Alexander Walker, Evening Standard)

A blend of delirious East European surrealism ... and good, all American custard-pie slapstick... Above all, Fox impresses for its craftsmanship, its botanist's attention to the detail of fur and feather... The passing years have robbed it of none of its capacity to enchant and amuse.

(Sheila Johnston, Independent)

Seven years before Snow White Wladyslaw Starewicz produced a truly amazing piece of stop motion animation, not only one of the first to use sound and dialogue as more than decoration, but the first truly adult animation with a blackly comic story-line that's astonishingly fresh today. The culmination of twenty years of pioneering animation, Tale was virtually forgotten from it's release till the early 1990's when it resurfaced at various film festivals. Seeing Tale now it's easy to understand why 1930's audiences might have had a hard time with this. The brutality of humour and characters would've been off-putting to most and even now the film has an ability to shock. It's easy to go into this expecting a more primitive Song of the South and at first this seems like where we're headed. But there's a cynicism and sophistication Walt could never have imagined... An unforgettable and remarkable movie that defies its age. Try to look out for this one on video (it's available) or in animation festivals.

(Tom Hamilton, Internet Media Database)

The creatures populating this wondrous land are all inventively realized and each contributes some special distinction to the movie. The Queen of the Beasts, the lioness, is, apparently, cuckolding her husband with his feline minstrel. The badger is an eloquent, clever attorney and Renard's greatest champion at the royal court. The wolf is greedy, cruel, and stupid. Renard himself is an unscrupulous rogue, loyal to none but his wife and cubs, but is, somehow, an appealing, entertaining character because of this dishonesty and cleverness. Starewicz's Le Roman de Renard really is a wonderful film.

(Keith Allen, Movierapture)

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