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  Them! Review
Tookey's Rating
7 /10
Average Rating
7.08 /10
Edmund Gwenn , James Whitmore, Joan Weldon
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Directed by: Gordon Douglas
Written by: Ted Sherdemann , from George Worthing Yates’s story

Released: 1954
Origin: US
Colour: BW
Length: 94

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Tense, absorbing and, surprisingly enough, somewhat convincing.

(New York Times)

A right little fright of a picture... preposterous, but lively and with a fine atmosphere of fact.


As persuasively realistic a horror story as one could comfortably imagine.

(Arthur Knight, Saturday Review)

Terrifying newsreel- styled thriller... [that] carries considerable conviction.

(Jesse Zunser, Cue)

A well-built example of the neo-monstrous... quite persuasively documented... The direction is smoothly machined, and the writing decent.

(Monthly Film Bulletin)

Surrender yourself to its inspiring horrors and you will, in the happiest sense, be ant-agonized.

(News Chronicle)

A shocker. It made the men gasp and the women cry out, because Them! makes all the other "X' certificate thrillers seem as harmless as a Sunday afternoon stroll.

(Daily Express)

Edmund Gwenn makes the most of the archetypal scientist character, the script is taut and economical and the ants themselves are almost uniformly convincing.

(Alan Frank, long after release)

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