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  Vikings Review
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6 /10
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7.20 /10
Kirk Douglas (HARVARD LAMPOON AWARD - WORST ACTOR OF THE YEAR), Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh
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Directed by: Richard Fleischer
Written by: Calder Willingham, Dale Wssermann from the novel The Viking by Edison Marshall

Released: 1958
Origin: US
Length: 116

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Tremendously exciting, albeit gory, adventure epic.
(Derek Winnert, Radio Times Film and Video Guide, 1995)
Massive in scale, scope and ambition, it's a triumphant blend of fighting, drinking and good old-fashioned manly action .. Sporting some impressive facial scarring, Douglas gives a gloriously rambunctious performance. Leigh smoulders and displays an unusual amount of flesh for the period while Curtis proves an impressive action man, despite at one point becoming separated from his hand. It's the sheer scale of the thing that's striking however, director Fleischer relocating to Norway, using life-size long ships and guiding the fight sequences as if his life depended on it. Yet despite the dedication to visual authenticity there's never a moment when you imagine the cast are anything other than A-list Hollywood superstars, and that's a large part of the appeal of this fabulously overblown epic. Highly entertaining and slightly camp historical adventure full of great stunts, larger-than-life characters and splendidly OTT dialogue.
(, long after release)

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