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Spider-Man 3

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  Spider-Man 3 Review
Tookey's Rating
4 /10
Average Rating
6.36 /10
Peter Parker/Spider-Man: Tobey Maguire , Mary Jane Watson: Kirsten Dunst Harry Osborn: James Franco
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Directed by: Sam Raimi
Written by: Alvin Sargent, Sam Raimi

Released: 2007
Origin: US
Colour: C
Length: 140

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Breathtaking... thrilling... an unforgettable experience. The best Spider-Man yet!
(Earl Dittman, Wireless Magazines)
With nifty new villains, a revived Green Goblin, plus $300 million worth of aerial special effects, Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3 is definitely good to go.
(Jack Mathews, New York Daily News)
This is a wonderfully imagined, heartfelt piece of pop entertainment that soars not only for its spectacular eye candy, but also during the moments when its protagonists simply stand still and talk to each other. How many comic-book movies can you say that about?
(Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald)
Where can mass-moviegoers find release for their tenderer feelings? Only at dozens of inspirational sports movies, where guys (on screen and in the audience) get to cry and cheer and win. And, this weekend, at Spider-Man 3.
(Richard Corliss, Time)
The good news about Spider-Man 3 is that it's more of the same - except better.
(Stephanie Zacharek,
The wow factor works overtime with state-of-the-art effects sequences that often are as beautiful as they are astonishing.
(Michael Rechtshaffen, Hollywood Reporter)
The juiciest battle here is Spidey vs. Spidey, or, if you prefer, superego vs. id. When Peter starts to go seriously bad, the movie becomes seriously fun.
(David Ansen, Newsweek)
Itís easily the best of the trilogy and, for my money, one of the most enjoyable films of the decade.
(Charlotte OíSullivan, Evening Standard)
Truly outstanding.
(Alan Frank, Daily Star)
Still smart, still exciting and still action-packed.
(Chris Hewitt, Empire)

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