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Big Bus

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  Big Bus Review
Tookey's Rating
6 /10
Average Rating
5.00 /10
Joseph Bologna , Stockard Channing , John Beck
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Directed by: James Frawley
Written by: Fred Freeman, Lawrence J. Cohen

Released: 1976
Origin: US
Length: 88

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"You know how it is! Everything seems to be plain sailing. Then suddenly, out of the blue, disaster... We were the sort of homely ordinary passengers you'd meet on any journey: a nymphomaniac dress designer, a priest who has lost his faith, a poor soul who has only six months to live... Like I said: just folks. The driver was a charming young man... [who'd] once been accused of eating his passengers... Little did we all know that the master criminal had planted a bomb on the bus... it was a trip I'll always remember. And just by the way [the film] is the funniest spoof of disaster movies imaginable... Take my tip: queue up for the next ride."
(Margaret Hinxman)
"Not easy to ridicule the ridiculous so it is greatly to the credit of Jim Frawley's film that it brings off the awkward feat of making fun of a disaster film... It owes much to an exuberance and irreverence that rather recalls without actually imitating, the farces of Mel Brooks, quite the best man for burlesque."
(Patrick Gibbs, Daily Telegraph)
"Nearly as funny as Airplane!"
"Infinitely funnier than Airplane!"

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