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  Inception Review
Tookey's Rating
5 /10
Average Rating
7.90 /10
Leonardo Di Caprio (pictured right), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (pictured left), Ellen Page
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Directed by: Christopher Nolan
Written by: Christopher Nolan

Released: 2010
Origin: US
Colour: C
Length: 148

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By turns overpowering, spectacular and truly awe-inspiring. Nolan has just taken it to the next level.
(Matt Bochenski, Little White Lies)
The first of many major achievements in this memorable and haunting film is to render other people's dreams - not the most interesting of topics normally - absolutely riveting.
(James O'Brien, Daily Mail)
In a decade dominated by the three dreaded Rs of remakes, reimaginings and reboots comes a truly original blockbuster.
(David Edwards, Daily Mirror)
The most intelligent and visually stunning film of the year. Literally mind-bending.
(Alex Zane, Sun)
Leonardo DiCaprio’s new thriller is as good as live action cinema gets... and you’re about to have some very deep dreams to prove it.
(Graham Young, Birmingham Post)
Inception is elegantly realised. DiCaprio powerfully embodies a tortured soul while Gordon-Levitt has all the fun in the best action sequence.
(Catherine Jones, Liverpool Echo)
Even minor roles are filled by sterling talent (including Michael Caine as Cobb's mentor), which is testament to the originality and precision of Christopher Nolan. His is a mind that's definitely worth getting lost in.
(Stella Papamichael, Digital Spy)
It was a brave move to follow The Dark Knight, one of the biggest hits of all time, with something so incredibly complex, but Nolan can relax - it's worked like a dream.
(Rich Phippen, Sky Movies)
A conceptual coup that, in dealing with the shifting logic and fractured reality of dreams, frees itself from the need to satisfy any conventions, formulae or expectations.
(Neil Smith, Total Film)
It is that rarest of beasts: a slippery, cerebral summer blockbuster that slaloms from illusion to reality and back again and leaves its viewer bewitched, bothered and bewildered.
(Xan Brooks, Guardian)
Brilliantly directed and superbly conceived, this is a genuinely exciting, intelligent thriller with stunning visuals, gripping action scenes, a brilliantly constructed script and terrific performances from a note-perfect cast.
(Matthew Turner, ViewLondon)
While the mind-bending story might not be as cerebral as it seems, it completely envelops us
(Rich Cline, Shadows on the Wall)
Can a summer blockbuster with a multi-million dollar budget really be this smart, moving and intellectually thrilling? Pinch yourselves, we could still be dreaming.
(Catherine Bray, Film4)
A masterpiece from a visionary film-maker. *****
(Robbie Collin, News of the World)
The best blockbuster of the year by a country mile.
(Andy Lea, Daily Star Sunday)
100 per cent pure entertainment.
(Conor Nolan, People)
Astonishing. Stunning. Sheer entertainment.
(Nev Pierce, Empire)
Inception may be the brainiest hokum ever released in a cinematic summer. Imagine Last Year in Marienbad wandering into the orbit of producer Jerry Bruckheimer.
(Nigel Andrews, Financial Times)

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