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Happy Valley (TV)

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  Happy Valley (TV) Review
Tookey's Rating
10 /10
Average Rating
8.89 /10
Sarah Lancashire , Siobhan Finneran , James Norton
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Directed by: Tim Fywell, Sally Wainwright, Euros Lyn
Written by: Sally Wainwright, . Created by Sally Wainwright

Released: 2014
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: UK
Length: 0

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There's something refreshing about how Happy Valley treats violence not as power but as chaos, an inevitable psychological decay that causes even the worst criminals to turn on one another as the cops close in.
(Emily Nussbaum, New Yorker, 2014)
Happy Valley, in addition to being a smart and absorbing thriller, is a morality play, one in which the mystery is secondary (we know who did what all along).
(Mike Hale, New York Times, 2014)
Suspense is a beautiful thing, but when it's married to terrific character development and finely etched moral dilemmas, it makes this kind of police story even more powerful.
(Maureen Ryan, Huffington Post, 2014)
It seems like we're constantly taught by the Brits how we could be making better television shows and this has all those lessons rolled up into one neat little package.
(Brian Moylan, Guardian, 2014)
Happy Valley is so effective at what it sets out to do, and so neat in fitting all its pieces together (up to the way the story's climax evokes a much milder incident from early in the series).
(Alan Sepinwall, HitFix, 2014)
Wainwright clearly relishes writing female characters more than any other, and her biggest achievement so far is Catherine Cawood.
(Jack Seale, Radio Times, 2014)
Sally Wainwright is television's great north-country storyteller.
(Andrew Billen, Times, 2014)
This engrossing, six-part British crime drama is about a kidnapping that spirals out of control in a rural town protected by a no-nonsense police sergeant who's a delight to root for.
(Lori Rackl, Chicago Sun-Times, 2014)
I really didn't expect to be writing this, but I think I actually prefer Happy Valley to Fargo. At least it's first-hand.
(Gerard Gilbert, Independent, 2014)
To get hung up on the violence of this BBC1 kidnap drama misses the point. It is beautifully written by Sally Wainwright, draws an astonishing performance from Sarah Lancashire and between them, they have created something truly unmissable.
(Vicky Frost, Guardian , 2014)
Complex, thrilling and brilliantly written and acted, Happy Valley is proving to be one of the best watches of 2014.
(Gerard O'Donovan, Daily Telegraph, 2014)
Happy Valley miraculously manages to treat the ugliest behavior imaginable with humane insight, while never letting the perpetrators off the hook. It views crime as an act of weakness, not power.
(Emily Nussbaum, New Yorker, 2016)
Just because it's believable and human doesn't mean it's mundane or boring. There is still plenty going on: misery, splitting up, plus a cracking cop show, and even a few good laughs.
(Sam Wollaston, Guardian, 2016)
Happy Valley is a quiet, devastating, and ultimately deeply satisfying watch.
(Rebecca Jane Stokes, Den of Geek, 2017)

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