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Shape of Water

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  Shape of Water Review
Tookey's Rating
5 /10
Average Rating
7.45 /10
Sally Hawkins , Octavia Spencer , Michael Shannon
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Directed by: Guillermo del Toro
Written by: Guillermo del Toro, Vanessa Taylor

Released: 2017
Origin: US
Length: 123

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One of the best films of the year.
(Calvin Wilson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
It's both weird and wonderful.
(Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly)
Ms. Hawkins reminds us how intense silent films could be. She gives the best performance of the year with the most heart-piercing silence youíve ever seen.
(Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal)
The Shape of Water is partly a code-scrambled fairy tale, partly a genetically modified monster movie, and altogether wonderful.
(A.O. Scott, New York Times)
The Shape of Water is a wonder to behold. Magical, thrilling and romantic to the core, a sensual and fantastical fairy tale with moral overtones, itís a film that plays by all the rules and none of them, going its own way with fierce abandon.
(Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times)
Fairy tales hew to time-honored story lines, and some may fault The Shape of Water for the traditionalism that underlies its phantasmagoric surface. Itís the getting there that bewitches, though, and a performance by Hawkins thatís smart, scared, furious, profoundly erotic, and regal ó all without saying a word. Love doesnít speak in this movie. Instead, it swims with unparalleled style.
(Ty Burr, Boston Globe)
A wonderfully weird love story that plays like an adult fairy tale, it's a fantastical delight - and the kind of movie that deserves all the accolades it will most certainly receive this award season.
(Mike Scott, New Orleans Times-Picayune)
In other hands, this story could have been lurid and silly. Here, told through Hawkinsí ever-dancing eyes, itís poetry; some performances donít need words.
(Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times)
The Shape of Water is a fairy tale of eros, horror and whimsy, a creature feature doubling as a swooning romance, its bloodiness pumped straight from the heart of master fantasist Guillermo del Toro.
(Steve Persall, Tampa Bay Times)
Describe it and this sounds completely weird and a bit creepy, like some extremely niche fetish porn with a budget. Watch it and itís magical; fantastic in all senses. Itís the biggest risk of del Toroís career and it could not have paid off more.
(Olly Richards, Empire)
Del Toroís Valentine to boundary-crossing love pours from the screen in ravishing torrents of feeling and style. And Hawkins is sublime.
(Kevin Harley, Total Film)
Like the best bath youíve ever had, it sends tingles coursing through every part of you that other films donít reach.
(Robbie Collin, Daily Telegraph)

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