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Blue Angel / Der Blaue Engel

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  Blue Angel / Der Blaue Engel Review
Tookey's Rating
8 /10
Average Rating
8.67 /10
Emil Jannings , Marlene Dietrich , Kurt Gerron
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Directed by: Josef Von Sternberg
Written by: Robert Liebmann, Karl Zuckmayer, Karl Vollmoeller from Heinrich Mann's novel Professor Unrath

Released: 1930
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: Germany
Colour: BW
Length: 95

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A standout picture.


Marlene Dietrich... makes Reason totter on her throne. And unless she is very careful, Greta Garbo also. But I will not be unfaithful, leastvise in print. Therefore I will only say that on the fair Greta's behalf I strongly object to the arrival of this supremely capable, superbly fascinating and exquisitely lovely actress

(James Agate, Tatler)

A milestone movie as far as early talkies and film attitudes towards sex go... also a classic entertainment with great performances.

(Judith Crist, long after release)

Reeks with the atmosphere of decay and sexuality.

(Steven H. Scheuer, Movies on TV and Videocassette, 1992)

A masterwork of late twenties German grotesquerie, and after a slowish beginning an emotional powerhouse.

(Halliwell's Film Guide, 2004)

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